The popular children's television series ran for three seasons on Children's ITV from 1989 to 1991 and was a Hat Trick production for Yorkshire Television, later repeated on Channel 4, The Children's Channel and Nickelodeon UK, and nominated for an RTS Award.

The puppets were made by the same team that made the puppets for Spitting Image.

It was a parody of Saturday morning magazine shows — with a host providing linking material between cartoons, music videos and news sections - albeit set in a sewer.

I wrote and created RTB with Mark Rodgers and Pat Gallagher, carrying on from our Oink days. As Bob Paynter, head of children's comics at IPC said, we were a brilliant creative force without the trace of an ego.

Here's me (front row with beard), Mark and Pat with the rest of the crew on the set - click the picture and watch it for yourself!

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